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Potty Training


  Teaching our dog good hygienic behavior is essential so that it can live with us in a domestic environment. The keys to getting him to relieve himself in the right place are: ESTABLISH A ROUTINE If you follow a consistent routine for food and walks, your puppy will adapt more quickly to your daily

Put an ethologist in your pet’s life!

Put an ethologist in your pet’s life! Dictionary in hand, an ethologist is a student of animal behavior in its natural environment. If we add a training in veterinary medicine and a good dose of empathy, we will get a clinical ethologist. What do we do exactly? Like other veterinary specialists, we are experts, in

Adopt a dog

Recommendations for an adopted dog When we adopt an animal, in this case a dog, we must take into account a list of things necessary for the responsible care of our new companion. What do you need: Put a chip if you don’t have it. It’s the best way to make sure you don’t get