If for any reason we cannot physically get where you are or if you too far form our service area you can now use our Virtual Consult Service.

Through videos, pictures and video call we can help solve your doubts  and give you counselling about how to take care of your companion.

What do we do

We can help you  solve your doubts about your dog issue!

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Data collection

Fotos and videos to describe the problem

Video call

Explanation of the problem


Digital PDF to get the medication


⭐I called on a Sunday morning as my cat ¨Moon" was starting to go....19 years old....Tom came that night and was amazing. Very thoughtful and patient in Moon's transition Would definitely recommend to anyone with pets and will use for my dog, bunny and bird. Thank you!!!??

Diana and Moon

⭐ My two cats began to fight almost every day but thanks to Toms recommendations they can now live in harmony. When it is time to vaccinate them they don't even realize they are receiving an injection!

Laura and Gary&Quiro

⭐ Excellent service. Tommaso was extremely helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend TomVets.

Caty and Mimo