Home vet visits

Save time and travel

At home for the same price

Less stress for your pet

No transfer pains for old or aching pets

Perfect if you have more than 1 pet

We speak english, spanish, catalan and italian!

Home vet services

Most of the veterinary services and treatments can be done by a home vet

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Tomvets offer at-home veterinary service in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and in the province of Girona

Yearly Plan
21 Monthly fee


Annual vaccines + Rabies
2 Home Consult
1 Fecal analysis
1 Urine analysis
1 Blood test
Unlimited Virtual Consult
Unlimited Prescriptions


Services value 299€
Yearly saving 50€
Premium Puppy Plan
399 One-Time Fee


3 Tetravalent shots
3 Training sessions
2 Home visits
1 Fecal and Urine analysis
1 Complete Blood Test
Official vaccine book+ Microchip
Unlimited virtual consults
Unlimited prescriptions


Services value 549€
Yearly savings 150€
Puppy Plan
299 One-Time Fee


3 tetravalent shots
2 Home consults
1 Fecal and urine analysis
1 Basic Blood Test
Oficial Vaccination book + Microchip
Unlimited virtual consults
Unlimited prescriptions


Services value 399€
Yearly saving 100€
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Visiting Area

  • Barcelona (Metropolitan Area)
  • Girona

About us

Tomvets offers his clients a professional and personalized at-home veterinary service in  Barcelona and Girona.

Dr. Tommaso Piermarini is specialized in ethology (animal behaviour) and he worked during more than ten years in different veterinary clinics.

Most of the veterinary services and treatment, like vaccination, chip implant or analisis, can be done at home.

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⭐I called on a Sunday morning as my cat ¨Moon" was starting to go....19 years old....Tom came that night and was amazing. Very thoughtful and patient in Moon's transition Would definitely recommend to anyone with pets and will use for my dog, bunny and bird. Thank you!!!??

Diana and Moon

⭐ My two cats began to fight almost every day but thanks to Toms recommendations they can now live in harmony. When it is time to vaccinate them they don't even realize they are receiving an injection!

Laura and Gary&Quiro

⭐ Excellent service. Tommaso was extremely helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend TomVets.

Caty and Mimo