Blood test at home

At home: The most comfortable for you and the least stressful for your pet. The procedure is as follows:

  1. A veterinarian visits you at home to take the blood.
  2. We leave the sample ready and manage its collection at your home so that it can be sent to the laboratory.
  3. You receive the results by email.
  4. Our veterinarian contacts you to explain the results and plan treatment if necessary.

Urine or faeces analysis at home

The home solution is the most optimal, we will detail the process below:

  1. You collect the urine or faeces sample from your pet
  2. We manage the collection of the sample at your home and send it to the laboratory
  3. You will receive an email with the results
  4. The vet calls you to discuss the results and explain the treatment if necessary.

What do we do

Blood analysis and quick tests comfortably at home

We take the sample and the lab collect it for its analysis.

We send you the result via email, we comment it and explain you the treatment plan if necessary.

We visit your dog in the comfort of his home!

Book Analysis

Low Stress Handling or Sedation

Sample taking

The lab collects the sample


  • Do I have to leave my dog without eating or drinking the day of the blood testing?
    It is not always necessary for your pet to come without eating or drinking before the blood is drawn. In each case and according to the type of analytics that must be done, we will recommend what to do. Remember that having your dog a little bit hungry before the visit will allow us to reward him with treat during the manipulation necessary to perform the blood extraction!
  • What is the price of a blood analysis?
    The price of tests and analytics may vary although the basic prices are: General € 70 Geriatric € 80 Quick Test Leishmania € 35 Test Fiv-Felv € 45


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Diana and Moon

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