Which visits are made by home vets?

Annual check-up: Good care requires an annual check-up to prevent and detect possible diseases or abnormalities in a timely manner. It can be combined with some vaccination, analysis, deworming …

First assessment of diseases, abnormalities or wounds: cough, diarrhea, vomiting, urinary dysfunction, skin bumps, compulsive scratching, lameness, suspicious wounds, ear or eye infections …

Care: Review and care of post-operative scars, nail cutting…

Home Vet or Clinic?

When is each one better? In most cases it is up to you and it depends on what suits you best but in others there are reasons to choose one or the other:

The veterinary clinic or hospital is the only option in the following cases: Surgeries, X-rays, emergencies and hospitalizations. In general, these are all cases that require sterile rooms or large appliances. Contact us if you have any questions.

On the other hand, the home veterinarian is the best solution for:

  • Cats: Transfers and unfamiliar places like clinics can put a lot of stress on them.
  • Older or sore pets: Transfers cause them a lot of fatigue, discomfort and pain.
  • Pet owners with mobility difficulties: Age, home location, temporary injuries, lack of time … There are many reasons why going to the clinic creates difficulties for some owners and home visits help so that the pet is not neglected
  • Owners with more than one pet: Moving more than one pet at a time is difficult and awkward. The home vet solves this problem at a very competitive price by being able to take advantage of the trip to visit all the pets.

About our home vets

Experienced veterinarians
Only pros with years of experience
Animal passionates
Animal welfare will always be our priority
Friendly, empathetic and didactic
By caring for and helping you we know you will take better care of your pet.

⭐I called on a Sunday morning as my cat ¨Moon" was starting to go....19 years old....Tom came that night and was amazing. Very thoughtful and patient in Moon's transition Would definitely recommend to anyone with pets and will use for my dog, bunny and bird. Thank you!!!??

Diana and Moon

⭐ My two cats began to fight almost every day but thanks to Toms recommendations they can now live in harmony. When it is time to vaccinate them they don't even realize they are receiving an injection!

Laura and Gary&Quiro

⭐ Excellent service. Tommaso was extremely helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend TomVets.

Caty and Mimo