Prevention is better than cure, we humans are constantly told, but it is just as valid for our dog friends. Therefore, below we are going to try to detail our recommendations for caring for a dog that must be carried out each year.

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Annual vaccination for dogs




Annual vaccination for dogs

For more details on vaccines for dogs read Dog Vaccinations. You should have your dog vaccinated annually to avoid serious diseases.

Recommended vaccination reminders

  • 1 x Polyvalent (Tetravalent if administered alone or Hexavalent together with Rabies)
  • 1 x Rage
  • 1 x Leishmania (or Leishmaniosis/Leishmaniasis)

In addition to these general recommendations, we must take into account other factors that may lead to the need to administer other vaccines:

  • Travel: The legislation of other countries or even some diseases may require the administration of other vaccines. Inform yourself beforehand and consult your veterinarian if you have any doubts.
  • Kindergartens: If you are going to have to leave your dog in daycare centers, it is recommended and even in many cases it will be mandatory that you vaccinate your dog against kennel cough (rhinotracheitis or infectious tracheobronchitis)
  • A lot of contact with animals of other species: In these cases it is prudent to consult the veterinarian since some species are carriers of viruses that do not affect them but can make your dog sick


Internal deworming

We must use a specific antiparasitic for their age and breed.

Every year we will deworm our dogs every 2-3 months (there may be variations depending on where they live, what walking habits they have, family members with vulnerable health…)

External deworming

There is a wide range of antiparasitics but in any case our animal must be covered against:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Sandfly

In addition to causing itching, they transmit serious diseases such as Leishmaniasis, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, among others.

These parasites are not seasonal, so they must be protected all year round.

We have many types of antiparasitic such as collars, pipettes, chewable tablets and sprays. There is none better than another and choosing one or the other will depend on the size, type of life and activity (dogs that often bathe, bite their collars…), type of hair, animals with which they live…

Your veterinarian is the one who can best advise you. This advice is included in our annual care plan for adult dogs.

Review and Analysis

After prevention, the best way to avoid admissions for serious illnesses is early detection. For this reason, we recommend carrying out an annual review with the following analyses:

  • Urine
  • Feces
  • Blood (in the case of elderly dogs we will carry out a Geriatric Panel to control indicators that do not need to be controlled in younger dogs)


Finally, we want to detail a series of actions that will help us detect possible diseases in time:

  • Watch for changes in behavior or mood swings. Very often they are related to some ailment.
  • Pay attention to your appetite and report if the lack of appetite lasts more than one meal.
  • Keep an eye on his stool and notify the vet if an episode of diarrhea lasts more than 1 day.
  • Periodically check the skin for lumps, wounds, or other abnormalities.
  • Check the recent wounds that you detect daily to ensure that they do not become infected

For this follow-up and in case of illness, our annual care plan for adult dogs includes the annual vaccinations & analysis, one visit and 5 video consultations and recipes

IMPORTANT: all these are general guidelines but each animal and each family is a world. That is why we recommend that if you have any doubts, contact a veterinarian.

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Dog Care
299 Financing

Annual Dog Care includes

Hexavalent vaccine
Internal & external deworming
1 feces Analysis
1 urine Analysis
1 blood Analysis
1 Home visit for common diseases
5 Online visits

You save

Total value separately 517€
Saving 218€

*If you have more than one dog contact us and we will send you a customized plan with a discount.

Puppy care
349 From

Puppy Care includes

2 x Quadrivalent vaccine
1 x Rabies vaccine
4 internal deworming
2 collars for external deworming
Microchip + AIAC registration
1 home visit for common diseases
Basic Education Counseling
5 Online Visits

You save

Total value separately 623€
Save 274€

*If your puppy already has or lacks of any service, contact us and we’ll send you a customized pack.

**External deworming with collars, if you need pipettes ask us the additional cost.

Dog Vaccines
60 From

Dog vaccines prices:

Rabies vaccine 60€
Quadrivalent vaccine for dogs 70€
Hexavalent vaccine for dogs 90€
Leishmaniasis vaccine for dogs 100€
Pre-vaccination Leishmaniasis test 20€
Kennel cough vaccine 80€


Dog evaluation, vaccine cost and home vaccination

*Ask us for other vaccines.

**Ask for a discount if you’re vaccinating more than a dog during the same visit

***Vaccinations outside Barcelona may have an extra cost

Dog Chip
65 From

Dog Chip services includes

Dog home visit
Dog Chip implant
AIAC Dog Registration

Other related services:

Dog Passport 60€
Dog Travel Health Doc 70€
Official certificate 70€
Dog owner change 50€
Dog Euthanasia
160 From

Euthanasia includes

Dog home visit
Dog evaluation
Sedation and anesthesia

Funeral home additional costs:

Body pickup and transfer + Collective cremation +60-90€
Body pickup and transfer + Individual cremation with ashes +300€

Other additional costs:

Emergency or weekend +60€
Home visit
60 From


Vet trip to the home
Complete examination


Emergencies/Weekends +50€
Nail trimming +20€
Additional pet +40€
Analysis +70-80€