Annual vaccinations: The best prevention

Keeping their vaccinations up to date protects them from infections that can lead to serious illnesses. In the case of cats, we must first think about what type of cat it is:

  • If your cat does not leave the house and does not have contact with any other animal (house cat), it will need fewer vaccinations than if it lives outside and may come into contact with other cats or animals
  • On the other hand, during the first 6 months of life, kittens have their own vaccination schedule.

Cat Vaccinations

Home cat vaccinations

In this case we recommend only 1 annual guideline of the trivalent vaccine

Outdoor cat vaccinations

If your cat can walk outdoors and/or can be in contact with other animals, in addition to the annual trivalent vaccine schedule, it is recommended to add a leukemia vaccine schedule.

Kitten Vaccinations

In the case of kittens, vaccination is even more important than in adults:

House kitten vaccinations:

  • At 8 weeks: Trivalent
  • At 12 weeks: Trivalent
  • At 16 weeks: Trivalent

Check the price of the first year vaccine pack for indoor kittens

Outdoor Kitten Vaccinations

In the case of kittens, it is important that they are vaccinated at least in one guideline before being outdoors and coming into contact with other animals:

  • At 8 weeks: Trivalent
  • At 12 weeks: Trivalent + Leukemia Test + Leukemia (if negative test)
  • At 16 weeks: Trivalent and Leukemia

Check the price of the first year vaccine pack for outdoor kittens

Compulsory vaccinations for cats

In Spain, annual adult vaccinations are not mandatory, but we recommend those described above to prevent the cat from being exposed to the risk of contracting serious diseases.

Vaccinating a cat at home: Advantages

Undoubtedly, in the case of cats, it is when home vaccination is most appropriate. The main reasons:

  1. As you well know, transfers generate a lot of stress.
  2. After the stress of moving and in a strange environment like a center, her stress level does not go down.
  3. This situation of tension complicates an action that carried out from the tranquility of the home is managed quickly and easily. In most cases, your cat won’t even notice.
Cat vaccines
70 From

Cat vaccines prices

Yearly house cat vaccine: Trivalent 70€
Yearly outdoor cat vaccine: Trivalent + Leukemia 80€
Leukemia Test 50€


Cat evaluation, vaccine cost, home vaccination

House Kitten Vaccines Pack

2 * Trivalent 130€
Save 10€

Outdoor Kitten Vaccines Pack

2 * Trivalent + Test + Leukemia 160€
Save 10€

*Other vaccines available upon request.

**Mandatory Leukemia test for kittens or non-vaccinated cats

***Ask for a discount if you’re vaccinating more than one cat in the same visit

****Vaccinations outside Barcelona may have an extra cost

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How home vaccination works

Vaccination record review

We check which vaccines have been given previously to your cat.


We make sure that there are no anomalies that advise against vaccination.


We administer the vaccine and explain when the following schedule should be set.