Our team of home veterinarians has extensive experience in clinical veterinary care for domestic and exotic animals. In addition to primary care, we have veterinarians specialized in Ethology, Exotics, Geriatrics, and Travel Certificates and documentation. Our team is multilingual and conducts visits in various languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, and Polish.

Nuestros Veterinarios

Tommaso - TomVets


Generalist Veterinarian
Exotic Veterinarian

Claudia - TomVets


Generalist Veterinarian
Travel Certificates

Zuza - TomVets


Generlist Veterinarian
Geriatric Patients


Claudia - TomVets


Generalist Veterinarian
Exotic Veterinarian

Cecilia - TomVets


Generalist Veterinarian

Nora - TomVets


Generalist Veterinarian

TomVets was born under the guidance of Dr. Tommaso Piermarini, a specialist veterinarian in ethology. With over ten years of experience, he recognized the need for many animals to be visited comfortably and stress-free at home.

After obtaining his Veterinary Medicine degree at the University of Perugia (Italy), Tommaso moved to Barcelona for an internship at the city’s zoo. Once settled in Barcelona, he started working at different small animal veterinary centers in the Metropolitan Area.

His passion for ethology and animal behavior led him to focus on training, education, and behavior correction for years. He completed numerous courses, and in 2015, he earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Ethology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

He applies all the knowledge he gained in his daily home visits to improve the well-being of patients and reduce stress during consultations.

TomVets has a mission to reach out to all those families who find it difficult to visit a veterinary clinic, whether it’s due to having many pets, transportation issues, or their pets experiencing stress and discomfort at the veterinarian’s office.

Currently, the TomVets team has grown and includes highly qualified and specialized veterinarians who work passionately for the well-being of animals.

What sets us apart is our 360º veterinary service, as we provide pre-visit, on-site, and detailed post-visit follow-up. Additionally, by visiting homes, we have access to our patients’ environments and can offer advice to families to ensure optimal care for each animal.