We know that this is a very difficult time and we want it to be as simple and transparent as possible for you.

Euthanasia at home: How it works

  1. You can contact us in advance by phone or whatsapp to answer any questions you may have or to explain the situation of your pet.
  2. Once you make the decision, we will schedule the visit of the veterinarian to your home.
  3. Once at your home, the veterinarian will make a final assessment of the state of the animal.
  4. If the veterinarian considers it appropriate to continue with euthanasia at home, he will explain the procedure and let you say goodbye.
  5. He will then proceed to calm your partner down and sedate him.
  6. Finally, he will administer intravenous anesthesia to put you to sleep definitively.
  7. Then, if it has been agreed, we will carry out the transfer to the funeral home for cremation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions

Why should I choose Euthanasia at home?

At times like this it is difficult to know what is best and each one must choose what suits them best at that time. The experience of our veterinarians allows us to explain the benefits of euthanasia at home:

  1. We save your loved one a transfer that in those final moments will be stressful and painful.
  2. When it comes time to put him to sleep, the most important thing is that he be calm. And like people, the best way is to do it in your house, where he has always lived, surrounded by his affections.
  3. At a time like this, the whole family appreciates the privacy and warmth of home.

What do we do

When it is time to say goodbye to your companion, the best way is to do it in the home where he has always lived, surrounded by his affections.



Administration of endovenous anesthesia



  • d you know... My dog is very old, how can I decide when it's time to say him goodbye ?
    Saying goodbye to our partner after so many years together is not easy. Tomvets veterinarians will objectively and sincerely advise you during this tough moment, always thinking about the health and quality of life of your pet.
  • And what happens next?
    We take care of your companion remains to ensure that its body is cremated. Call us and we will explain you in detail the diffrent cremation options from which you can choose after euthanasia.
  • How can I improve the quality of life of my senior dog?
    The life expectancy of our pets has increased a lot in the last decades and as a consequence, periodic controls are needed from 7-8 years of age. Prevention is better than cure! It is vitally important also the food your little friend receives to live a long and healthy life! Our veterinarian can advise you on the different types of foods.


⭐I called on a Sunday morning as my cat ¨Moon" was starting to go....19 years old....Tom came that night and was amazing. Very thoughtful and patient in Moon's transition Would definitely recommend to anyone with pets and will use for my dog, bunny and bird. Thank you!!!??

Diana and Moon

⭐ My two cats began to fight almost every day but thanks to Toms recommendations they can now live in harmony. When it is time to vaccinate them they don't even realize they are receiving an injection!

Laura and Gary&Quiro

⭐ Excellent service. Tommaso was extremely helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend TomVets.

Caty and Mimo