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Save time and travel

At home for the same price

Less stress for your pet

No transfer pains for old or aching pets

Perfect if you have more than 1 pet

We speak english, spanish, catalan and italian!

Home Vet Services

Are you looking for veterinarians near you? Most services provided by veterinary clinics can be attended to in your home.

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  • Avatar Nir Netzer ★★★★★ a year ago
    Great and officiant service. They were at my home within 2 hours.
  • Avatar Sophie Sanchez ★★★★★ a year ago
    Super convenient service! Tom is easy to contact and the fact that he comes to you is super practical. Also English speaking … More 🙂
  • Avatar Hugo Machado ★★★★★ a year ago
    Tom and Claudia are great. Very attentive, with lots of patience and super easy to communicate with. 100% recommended!
  • Avatar Chris S ★★★★★ a year ago
    We did all the passports and vaccinations for our cats travel preparations with Tommaso at our location which was very comfortable … More and no stress for animal.Tommaso has been very responsive and always answers all our questions and giving advice which we appreciate very much .Thank you .
  • Avatar Aoife McGoey ★★★★★ a year ago
    Such a good service, vet arrived and assessed our cat quickly, took the hassle and stress of a vet visit away as we have … More a new rescue cat who gets very nervous easily. Would definitely recommend as you don’t even have to leave your home and you know you’re getting great care for your pet!
  • Avatar Noreen Huhold ★★★★★ a year ago
    A very good option for those who either don't have a good vet next to them or don't want to put their pet under … More unnecessary stress (especially cats) having to go to the clinic. Very professional and good understandable explanations.

We visit you in the Vallès area.

Are you looking for veterinarians near you? We bring the veterinary clinic to your home.



Sant Cugat del Vallès



Cerdanyola del Vallès

Mollet del Vallès


Montcada i Reixach

Barberà del Vallès

Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

and the rest of Vallès

Vallès Occidental

Vallès Oriental

At TomVets, we are committed to offering the best home veterinary services in Maresme. Our goal is to provide professional and compassionate care to your pets without the need to travel to a clinic.

Why Choose TomVets in Maresme?

Our home services in Maresme save you time and travel, maintain the same prices as clinics, and most importantly, alleviate the stress of pets, especially useful for owners with multiple pets or pets with mobility difficulties.

Service Areas in Maresme

We provide services in various locations in Maresme, including Mataró, Premià de Mar, Pineda de Mar, ensuring that you always have access to quality veterinary care near your home.

Our Services in Maresme

Home Veterinary Visits

We offer veterinary visits starting from €60, which include a complete examination, prescription, and the possibility of discounts for follow-up visits and additional pets.

Home Vaccinations

We provide a complete vaccination service for dogs and cats, including examination and administration of vaccines at home, with options for multiple pets.

Home Ethology

We have specialized ethologists to assess and provide guidelines and recommendations for the behavioral well-being of your pet, including medicinal prescriptions and detailed reports.

Get to Know TomVets: Your Trusted Veterinarian in Maresme

Learn more about TomVets and our founder, Dr. Tommaso Piermarini, a specialist in ethology. We offer a wide range of home veterinary services and treatments, including vaccination, microchip implantation, wound care, and more.

Our Team

Best veterinarian in Barcelona - TomVets veterinario a domicilio

TomVets offers veterinary services in Barcelona and surrounding areas (Vallès, Llobregat, and Maresme). With TomVets, you will always have a veterinary clinic near you.

Dr. Tommaso Piermarini specializes in ethology (animal behavior) and has worked for over ten years in various veterinary clinics.

The vast majority of veterinary services and treatments can be performed at home, such as vaccination, microchip implantation, wound care, etc.

Book A Visit

Our home visiting veterinarians serve in Barcelona, Llobregat, Maresme, and Vallès.

Home visit
60 From


Vet trip to the home
Complete examination


Emergencies +50€
Saturdays +20€
Nail trimming +10€
Additional pet +40€
Analysis +70-80€
Home vaccinations
60 From

Dog vaccines prices: 

Rabies vaccine 60€
Quadrivalent vaccine for dogs 70€
Hexavalent vaccine for dogs 90€
Leishmaniasis vaccine for dogs 100€
Pre-vaccine Leishmaniasis quick test +20€

Cat vaccines prices: 

Trivalent vaccine for cats 70€
Trivalent+Leukemia vaccine for cat 80€


Pet evaluation, vaccine cost and vaccination at home

*Ask us for other vaccines. If there’s more than one pet to be vaccinated during the visit a discount will be made.

Home Analysis
44 From

Urine Analysis for cats & dogs

Urine analysis (home pickup*) 44€

Feces Analysis for cats & dogs

Feces analysis (home pickup) 49€

General Blood Analysis

General Blood Analysis 134€
Blood draw at home
Biochemistry 16 determinations

Other Blood Analysis

Geriatric Profile 144€
Leishmaniasis Analysis 134€

*We’ll explain how to prepare the samples

** Other analysis are available upon request.

***Ask for a discount if you need the home service for more than one pet.

****Analysis outside Barcelona may have an extra cost.