Traveling with pets outside of Catalonia

To leave Catalonia with your pet, it will be necessary to bring the vaccination card with the rabies vaccine and its up-to-date stamped reminders. If the reminders are not made before the previous vaccination expires, you must wait 21 days after the vaccination to travel.

Traveling with pets outside of Spain

European Passport

It will be necessary in animals that are going to travel outside the country. It must be issued and registered by a veterinarian and be associated with a registered chip. In it will be reflected:

  • The annual vaccinations (polyvalent) and their reminders
  • The rabies vaccine and its reminders (we remember that it is important that the reminder is placed before the previous one expires or you will have to wait 21 days after the vaccine to leave the country)
  • Deworming (some European countries require a prior deworming between 1 and 5 days before the trip)
  • Pre-trip health assessments

Traveling with pets outside of Europe

Health certificate for travel

Depending on the country you are traveling to, a health certificate issued by a veterinarian will be required along with your passport.

CEXGAN Certificates

Other countries have their own certificates that must also go through a veterinarian and then be verified by an official entity.

It is important to manage the certificates WITH ENOUGH TIME as they can involve bureaucratic processes and laboratory tests that can take between 1 and 2 weeks each one.

To see what certificates, health evaluations and other procedures are necessary, you can consult the CEXGAN page.

The CEXGAN certificate must be requested by an authorized veterinarian (TomVets has authorized veterinarians) and it must be the same veterinarian who has carried out the necessary checks, treatments and health evaluations. Once the request is made, the process no longer depends solely on the veterinarian, but will be evaluated by CEXGAN staff and it is very common for the request to be returned more than once to make changes. That is why we warn you that it is a complicated and expensive process.

Documents and procedures commonly necessary in CEXGAN Certificates:

  • Health certificate between 1 and 10 days before the trip
  • Rabies vaccine (if it is 1st dose, at least 21 days before the trip)
  • Deworming between 1 and 21 days before the trip
  • Rabies serological test in official laboratory
  • Health status check by CEXGAN official veterinarian at the border inspection post
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Pet Passport & Travel Docs


Home visit
Passport documentation & registration

Other Travel Docs

Passport + Rabies Vaccine 115€
Heath certificate(*) 70€
Cexgan certificate(**) 140€
Serological rabies antibody test (Blood extraction + official laboratory) 200€
Cexgan + Health certificate + Rabies Antibody Test 400€

(*) Health certificate does not include related expenses such as deworming or rabies vaccination

(**) Cexgan certificate does not include related expenses such as health certificate, passport, deworming, rabies vaccination or rabies antibody test

Home vaccinations

Dog vaccines prices: 

Rabies vaccine 74€
Quadrivalent vaccine for dogs 79€
Hexavalent vaccine for dogs 79€
Leishmaniasis vaccine for dogs 115€
Pre-vaccine Leishmaniasis quick test +30€

Cat vaccines prices: 

Trivalent vaccine for cats 79€
Trivalent+Leukemia vaccine for cat 89€


Pet evaluation, vaccine cost and vaccination at home

*Ask us for other vaccines. If there’s more than one pet to be vaccinated during the visit a discount will be made.

Pet Microchip


At Home Visit
Chip implant
AIAC Registration

Other related services:

Owner change 90€
Chip and/or Registration + Trivalent/Quadrivalent vaccine 125€