Pet Vaccination: Recommendations

Annual Vaccination: The Best Protection

Dogs and cats should not be vaccinated just as puppies or kittens, they need annual vaccinations reminders.

Keeping the vaccines up to date is very important as they protect them from serious diseases that they can get from traveling and having contact with not vaccinated, wild or foreign animals.

It should be remembered that an animal is not protected until 14 days after the injection and this is of vital importance, especially in the primary vaccination of puppies and kittens or adults in their first doses.

When to vaccinate your pet

Vaccination guidelines

In general, both cats and dogs should be vaccinated annually, but the vaccination schedule will change depending on many factors: age of the animal, type of life (indoor/outdoor) and activities that they carry out with you, animals or type of people with whom they live or are in contact with and pathologies that they may suffer. That’s why we recommend that even if you know the general vaccination schedules, reach us with any questions that may arise in this regard.

Before traveling

If the furry ones are going to accompany you on a trip, you need to ask us, as far in advance as possible, the steps to follow since the guideline will vary according to the country of destination.

Vaccination at home: advantages

Injecting a vaccine is something quick and simple. In good conditions, your pet will hardly notice it. The problem arises when animal associates the clinic as a place of stress. Then the administration of the vaccine becomes more complicated.

For this reason, our veterinarians are delighted to vaccinate at home since they are received like any other visit. Also, as most of the time the injection isn’t even noticed by the pet, they even remember us fondly 🙂

Home vaccination: How does it work

Vaccination record review

We check which vaccines have been given previously

Previous check

We make sure that there are no anomalies that advise against vaccination.


We administer the vaccine and explain when the following vaccine should be set.


  • ¿At what age do I have to vaccinate my puppy/kitten?
    Syncronize vaccination schedule with early socialization will let your puppy develop into a healthy and emotionally balanced adult. The best moment to begin is around 7-8 weeks of age. Is important to protect your puppy from diseases as parvovirosis, leishmania or leptospira. Call us and we will explain you what kind of vaccination program does your pet need.
  • Is it obligatory to vaccinate against rabies in Catalonia?
    The rabies vaccine in Catalonia is not mandatory yet but you need it to be able to travel with your partner to another community or to a European country. In case you have a potentially dangerous breed dog, the law forces you to give him the rabies vaccination every year (apart from the compulsory license and insurance).
  • How much do vaccines cost for my cat or dog?
    The price of vaccines may vary depending on the type and species of destination. The most common vaccines have these prices: Rabies: € 50 Tetravalent Dog: € 50 Hexavalent Dog (with rabies): 60 € Leishmania: € 75 Trivalent Cat: € 50 Trivalent + Leukemia Cat: € 60


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