Put an ethologist in your pet’s life!

Put an ethologist in your pet’s life!

Dictionary in hand, an ethologist is a student of animal behavior in its natural environment. If we add a training in veterinary medicine and a good dose of empathy, we will get a clinical ethologist.

What do we do exactly? Like other veterinary specialists, we are experts, in our case, in solving behavior problems.

When an owner comes to us in search of a solution for an issue of aggressiveness or anxiety for example, we assess the case, establish a diagnosis and propose a therapy plan, exactly as in the case of other pathologies.

The hardest part of our job is discovering what the causes of a certain behavior problem may be. In the case of an aggressive animal, for example, we have to rule out that the cause is not a medical problem that generates pain, the result of a traumatic experience or, more simply, the reflection of improper handling by the owner.

How do we arrive at the diagnosis? We rule out the various options with the help of the animal’s history, the necessary medical tests and if necessary through video recording of its behavior.

Treatment is personalized in each case and usually includes guidelines for behavior modification to be carried out with the help of a trainer, therapy for any underlying medical problems and, if necessary, specific drugs to modify behavior.

Our most important objective is to spread a more humane and respectful way of treating and training animals, which applies principles and techniques that we can use in front of our children.

Choosing an ethologist veterinarian is trusting someone who dedicates a lot of time, effort and energy to improve the lives of the people and the animals that share it with them.