Geriatric Care for Older Pets

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As our pets age, their care and health needs change significantly. At TomVets, we are dedicated to providing specialized geriatric care to ensure your companion animals age in the healthiest and most comfortable way possible.

With TomVets’ commitment to exceptional veterinary service right at your home, we focus especially on older pets, ensuring their well-being and health in this important stage of their lives. We understand that your companion animals’ golden years are crucial and require specialized, compassionate geriatric care.

Why is Geriatric Care Essential?

Health Changes with Age

Just like humans, pets undergo a variety of health changes as they age. Joint problems, decreased energy, or changes in eating habits can occur.

Pets, like people, experience significant changes in health and behavior as they age. Our team of professionals is highly trained to identify and adapt to these changes, ensuring optimal quality of life.

Early Detection of Health Problems

Regular and specialized veterinary care is key to early detection of potential health issues. This is especially crucial for senior pets, where early intervention can make a big difference.

Consistent and specialized care is vital to prevent and promptly detect any health condition that may affect your senior pet. At TomVets, we ensure thorough assessments to proactively address these concerns.

Veterinario a domicilio perros mayores, gatos mayores - TomVets expertos veterinarios

Improving Quality of Life

The main goal of geriatric care is to enhance and maintain the quality of life for our pets in their golden years. This includes managing existing health issues and preventing future complications.

Our primary objective is to ensure that your pets live their final years with the utmost comfort and dignity, surrounded by love in their familiar environment.

The Role of In-Home Veterinarians in Senior Pet Care

Comfort and Reduced Stress

Veterinary visits can be stressful for pets, and this stress can be amplified in older animals. A home veterinarian eliminates this stress by tending to your pet in a familiar and peaceful environment. Visits to the veterinarian can be a significant source of stress for senior pets. Our in-home service removes this factor, allowing your pet to be cared for in their natural surroundings.

More Accurate Assessments

In their own home, pets are more relaxed, enabling the veterinarian to conduct more precise and detailed health assessments. Being in their familiar surroundings allows our veterinarians to provide more accurate diagnoses and treatment.

Personalized Guidance for Owners

Our veterinarians not only care for your pet but also provide you with all the necessary information and tools to care for them at home, especially when they require special attention due to their age. At TomVets, we believe in empowering owners with the knowledge and tools needed to properly care for their senior pets. We will provide practical and easily applicable advice for day-to-day care.

TomVets’ Services for Senior Pets

Regular Check-Ups and Health Assessments

We conduct regular check-ups to assess your pet’s overall health, paying special attention to any age-related signs of deterioration. We offer regular check-ups and specific health assessments for senior pets, with a focus on areas prone to age-related issues.

Pain Management and Chronic Conditions

We specialize in pain management and the treatment of common chronic conditions in senior pets, such as arthritis or heart problems. We employ advanced techniques for pain management and the treatment of chronic diseases, ensuring your pet is as comfortable as possible.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice

We provide personalized advice on the most suitable diet and lifestyle for your senior pet, helping them maintain a healthy weight and good overall health. We offer expert guidance on the specific nutritional and lifestyle needs of senior pets, helping them maintain a healthy weight and overall well-being.

How to Prepare for a TomVets Home Visit

Create a Tranquil Environment

Ensure your pet is in a quiet and comfortable place for the veterinarian’s visit. Make sure your home is calm and welcoming for our veterinarian’s visit, making your pet feel safe and calm.

Have Your Pet’s Medical History Ready

If it’s your first time using our services, having your pet’s medical history on hand can be of great help to the veterinarian. Your pet’s medical history will be a valuable resource for our staff, facilitating more personalized and effective care.


At TomVets, we are passionate about providing the best possible care for senior pets, ensuring that they live their golden years with the utmost health and happiness. Our in-home veterinarian service is here to assist you and your pet every step of the way.

At TomVets, we are deeply committed to the well-being of your pets, especially as they reach their golden years. Our in-home veterinarian service is designed to provide the most comprehensive and caring attention, ensuring that your loyal companions live their final years with the highest quality of life possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I schedule visits for my senior pet?

The frequency of visits will depend on your pet's individual needs, something our team will assess and discuss with you to establish an optimal care plan.

Can they administer treatments and medications during home visits?

Yes, our veterinarians are fully equipped to administer necessary treatments and medications during our visits, ensuring the continuity of your pet's care.

Do you offer in-home euthanasia services for senior pets?

Yes, at TomVets, we provide in-home euthanasia services, conducted with the utmost compassion, respect, and dignity, to ensure that your pet has a peaceful and painless farewell.

How can I tell if my pet is in pain or suffering?

Our veterinarians will help you identify signs of pain or discomfort in your pet, providing you with the guidance and support needed to make the most appropriate decisions for their well-being.

Are there specific care plans for senior pets at TomVets?

Yes, at TomVets, we offer personalized care plans tailored to the unique needs of senior pets, ensuring that they receive the care and attention they deserve.