Ultrasounds at home

Ideal if your dog or cat needs a visit from an ultrasound specialist and you cannot travel easily with your pet.

The specialist will come with an assistant to help maintain your pet’s posture.

Dermatology at home

In general, these services are requested when a general practitioner has previously assessed the case. When in doubt, contact us before making an appointment.

The dermatologist will also be accompanied by an assistant to calmly inspect the affected area(s)

Ophthalmology at home

As in dermatology, it is recommended that a general practitioner has previously assessed the case.

As in the rest of the specialties, they will be accompanied by an assistant.

Home specialist advantages

  1. You save your pet the stress and hassle of driving to the vet.
  2. Your pet is checked in the tranquility of its environment, thus facilitating a good evaluation by the veterinarian.

Do I need a visit from a veterinary specialist?

Our recommendation is that a general practitioner has previously evaluated the case. In many cases it will be enough and thus you will save yourself a higher cost visit and you will be able to attend to your pet sooner (specialists have the fullest agendas. So it is best that you previously request a home vet visit.

Another option is that you previously at least make an online vet visit to decide whether or not a specialist is needed.

If your dog needs a visit from an ultrasound specialist and you can not travel, this service brings you our external collaborators.

Save your partner an unpleasant trip by car to the vet and hire the ultrasound service!

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⭐I called on a Sunday morning as my cat ¨Moon" was starting to go....19 years old....Tom came that night and was amazing. Very thoughtful and patient in Moon's transition Would definitely recommend to anyone with pets and will use for my dog, bunny and bird. Thank you!!!??

Diana and Moon

⭐ My two cats began to fight almost every day but thanks to Toms recommendations they can now live in harmony. When it is time to vaccinate them they don't even realize they are receiving an injection!

Laura and Gary&Quiro

⭐ Excellent service. Tommaso was extremely helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend TomVets.

Caty and Mimo